Simple and transparent pricing for an effective nutrition program and virtual coaching.

Each plan is personalized for YOU with easy directions on how much, when, and what to eat.

Your virtual coach reviews your progress towards your goal weekly, and makes any updates required to your eating plan.

Program types include goals of losing weight, body re composition, or gaining muscle.


$19 month

This plan gets you a custom nutrition plan and virtual coaching through your daily updates. Join the LXM team to get to your body goals ASAP!

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$29 month

Join your gym, your girlfriends, or your coworkers as you encourage each other to reach your goals! The group program is the same as the individual program, but with your friends!

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Program Details

Personalized for you - this is a custom program perfect for YOUR body
Designed for athletes and non-gym goers alike
No food scale (or math) required - we do the hard work for you!
Built in messaging and notifications to keep you on track
Simple interface for logging progress from your phone or computer
Dietary restrictions are handled with ease (vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, paleo, gluten free, etc)

Why Choose LXM

Save Money

Other programs like this are more complicated, cost over $120 per month, and leave you high and dry to yo-yo your weight after you are done with their diet. Save your time and your money and sign up for LXM now!


This program is easy to follow. For beginners we use three types of measuring cups to measure a protein, a starch, and a fat to build your meals. For the advanced users out there we provide your macros. Logging your weight and if you at to your eating plan each day is easy through our seamless web app!


Your plan is built perfectly for you. It adjusts week to week based on your progress. We send you email updates weekly and text updates daily to keep you motivated. Our ultimate goal is for you to eat as much food as possible, while still seeing the results you want. Yes, that's correct - a diet that wants to you eat more.


Frequently asked questions around programs and pricing.

We create a custom nutrition program for you based on your fitness goals - cut body fat, stay the same weight but look leaner, or gain weight. From there, your virtual coach monitors your progress towards your goal, and depending on your progress, update your program every week. All of your data, responses, and updates are logged and updated in our database so that both your coach and you can easily see how far you have come!

Lean X Method is a web app that you'll use to manage your diet and meal tracking. We give you the tools of a custom nutrition program made for you, and coach you throughout your journey. This web app will help keep your virtual coach updated on your progress, and make changes week to week. You pay a monthly subscription that gives you a login and access to your online account with all of the features mentioned above.

We give you a choice! Sometimes you have a big event that you want to tone up for, or a competition that you want to gain muscle for. Our standard weight loss or gain programs run from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. From there we automatically transition you to a maintenance period, which means that you are going to be eating more food with the goal of maintaining your weight loss (or gain, depending on your goal!).

Our service is billed as a monthly subscription from the time you sign up. The Individual Plan is $19/month. Our Group Plan is $29 and gives you access to everything in the individual plan, but also to encourage and help encourage the friends you sign up with!

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  • Personalized nutrition plan made perfectly for YOU
  • Save over $100/month compared to other like programs
  • Proven, easy nutrition method that gets and keeps results

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