Dieting is tough… Everyone’s body is different, which means that everyone could use a custom nutrition plan. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend over $500 per “cut” to get results…

So we created a better way to diet.

Lean X Method was born out of the desire to change people’s lives through elite level nutrition coaching at an amateur’s cost.

Our story is similar to yours. We are two people that prioritize health and fitness in our lives. We should be, after 25 years combined of researching human biology, nutrition, exercise science, and metabolic disorders! Research aside, when we found that gym after gym and trainer after trainer recommended the diet fad of the moment, we scratched our head. Nutrition coaching is EXPENSIVE, and we were getting encouragement to try Diet du Jour. We realized at that point, after extensive testing on ourselves and our friends, that our knowledge, combined with the right levels of accountability and simplicity resulted in a powerful method that our sister, brother, grandma, and Dad could all follow. Thus, Lean X Method was born!

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  • Personalized nutrition plan made perfectly for YOU
  • Save over $100/month compared to other like programs
  • Proven, easy nutrition method that gets and keeps results

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