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Take the complication out of dieting with Lean X Method’s simple and scientific nutrition plan made perfectly for you.

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What to eat, how much, and when.

Each plan is personalized for YOU with easy directions on how much to eat, tailored to your goals of either losing body fat, increasing performance, or gaining muscle.

Sign up, tell us your goals, we'll do the rest.


Decide how to track

Have measuring cups? We've got a plan for you! Or, if you're familiar with macro counting, we have a plan for you as well. Switch back and forth if you'd like!


Do your daily method

Your daily method includes logging your weight and how many meals you ate to your plan. Spending the time to invest in yourself to achieve your goals is your method.


Follow your updates by your virtual coach

Your personalized plan updates every week based on your results. No more plateaus!

Why Lean X Method


This program is easy to follow. For beginners we use three types of measuring cups to measure a protein, a starch, and a fat to build your meals. For the advanced users out there we provide macros for you to follow.

Save Money

Other programs like this are more complicated, cost over $120 per month, and leave you high and dry to yo-yo your weight after you are done with their diet. Save your time and your money and sign up for LXM now!

Guided Maintenance

WE GUIDE YOU OUT OF DIETING. Losing weight should be a temporary effort - typically 8-12 weeks at a time. Why? Your body is smart - it will adjust your metabolism accordingly, which is why we want to keep cutting to a limited amount of time. But.. as anyone who has dieted before knows, coming off the diet is actually the hardest part. We call this 'maintenance' and we coach you through this period to keep you eating more, while staying at the same weight.


Your plan is built perfectly for you. It adjusts week to week based on your progress. We send you email updates weekly and text updates daily to keep you motivated. Our ultimate goal is for you to eat as much food as possible, while still seeing the results you want. Yes, that's correct - a diet that wants to you eat more.

See What Our Users Say...

"I'm feeling leaner, healthier, less knee issues, and just happier..."

"I thought that I knew how to eat healthy: paleo and low carb. At 20lbs overweight, I finally turned to someone who knew what they were doing and never looked back. I still eat whole foods, to my Lean X Method plan, and have seen a drop of 8% of body fat in 12 weeks. After my first fat loss period, Lean X Method put me on a maintenance period where I ate more food and kept all 18 pounds off. I'm looking forward to more results in my second round!..."

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